Create your gentle and effective cleansing powder using White kaolin clay

White Kaolin clay is gentle and mostly compatible with all types of skin. 🙀🤩

Most people with dry skin, tend to look for a good solution that has a soft and cleansing effect. There are various types of masks that exist, but unfortunately, some can dry out too much moisture and natural skin oils. Kaolin clay does not have this effect if prepared and properly 


Preparing a gentle and effective cleansing powder using kaolin clay is very easy and simple.
Facial cleanser (This cleanser does not remove heavy or strong make-up)
Materials needed:
👉 4 teaspoons colloidal oat flour.
👉 6 teaspoons kaolin clay.
👉 1 teaspoonful of mineral salt.

👉 Water


🥣 Put all dry ingredients together in a container, slowly add water until form a soft paste 

 ⏲Let the cleanser rest for a while for 2 to 3 minutes.

💆♀ Rub gently as you usually do in your routine, before washing away with water.


(Can use sour facial water or apple vinegar water to balance your skin’s Ph.)
Enjoy it 😘👌

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