We have been asked many questions since we embarked on this journey.  To make things easier, we have a list of the most frequently asked questions, in the order in which they have been asked. 

Do you ship to my country? If you’ve got an address, chances are we can get our clay pack into your hands. We send our packs to over 80 countries!

How much do you charge for shipping? Free shipping is included in the price of every pack to almost every country in the world.

Where can I learn more about where your products are sourced? Our clay is mostly sourced from a variety of small, local extraction points located in Europe, Asia, US and Africa. 

Where do you ship from? We ship most of our pack´s from Portugal. We are also working hard to source and ship locally from a few countries where we have lots of customers.

Can I send a pack as a gift? Yes! We can’t imagine a better gift to unwrap than our natural, long-lasting, healthy skin loving clay.  Check out our GIVE AS GIFT