Montmorillonite Clay weight loss detox and stretch marks

Burning Localized Fat with Green Clay

Green clay is known to help reduce body measurements(1), cellulite, or fluid retention by ingesting or applying it directly to the skin, removing toxins and impurities that have built up in the body, and toning and firming the tissues.

Loaded with minerals that work to detoxify, stimulate blood circulation, and increase lymphatic flow, green clay can be applied to areas where you want to lose a few inches. Whether used regularly as a treatment for cellulite and to firm the skin or to eliminate fluid retention and extra inches and look amazing for special events and occasions, green clay is a powerful ally!

In this simple recipe, green clay's benefits are enhanced by adding sea salt, which helps eliminate toxins, and by green tea, which is thermogenic and stimulates basal metabolism, increasing fat burning.

Green Clay SOS Body Wrap

You can do this treatment 2 or 3 times a week or as an SOS to reduce the volume a few hours before a party. The quantities can be doubled if you want to apply them in several areas.

Body wrap Ingredients

3 tablespoons of foundinbio green clay.
2 teaspoons of rock salt.
Hot green tea q.s.

Body Wrap Preparation

  1.     Mix all ingredients well in a bowl until a paste is formed.
  2.     Apply the mixture to the desired areas with circular movements, whether your belly, buttocks, or legs.
  3.     Wrap the area with cling film and leave it for 30 minutes.
  4.     Remove with warm water.
  5.     Moisturize the skin, and you're done.
  6.     Smile!

This recipe is simple and a powerful ally that will quickly become a delicious health and beauty ritual. Follow this green clay wrap with a cup of green or rose petals tea to enhance its slimming action further.


    (1) Plaster body wrap: effects on abdominal fat.

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