Our Story

Our story is unique and incredibly simple.
Eco friendly forever.
Paraben&sulphate free, all organic wild crafted ingredients and with no artificial dyes.
We source only with local sources in several regions of the globe and only hand harvested ingredients.
We are expecting for compostable pouches but until there, We pack using recyclable and reusable pouches and recycle as much as we can in our shipping materials 

We are Marta and Alex a husband and a wife team, who started FoundinBio on the principle of going back to the basics, for clean body care an looking to better wealth.

FoundinBio was already in development when i was a little girl.
One day i opened my grandmother’s closet and saw something that i had never noticed before. 
Green clay powder in a brown paper package with green letters on it.

Curiously, the first time i saw it – i picked it up, opened the bag and was token by the beautiful green colour of the clay, the smell was unique and enveloped my space, it was something like a hearty smell coming from the sea, and until that point – i had never smelled anything like it.

I asked my grandmother what it was for – she replied that “a little portion mixed with water will help with broken bone problems, burns and scars heal”.

of course, i immediately grabbed the clay and went for some water (a little to much, must say) mixed a paste and had to start rubbing the clay on my forearms to test it out. The clay rubbed on my skin as i glided it up and down my arms, my legs – even all over my face.
as you may guess – that bag of green clay didn’t last long – i knew it was something special.

In fact Alex always suffered from bad skin and would often get breakouts of acne and spots.
During our travels we tested clay from several natural sources worldwide.

Tried a lot of mud baths, facial masks, and cleansing spas but did anything but annoy the skin.

When we found this green clay and the amazing dead sea clay, was completely different. Could feel it working as soon as we put it on.

He was so worried when they skin went very red, on is first try, he says it felt very tight and almost like a sunburn...luckily, was told this is how the clay works.

It is a natural absorber...that's the secret. Absorption! It's actively drawing things out of the skin, and the same for inside the body.

When we returned home in Portugal we kept using it and learned more and more about the different types of Clay...

We bought them all and made several experiences of use.
It turns out not all clay are equal and we noticed the difference in the quality.

He as very sensitive skin, so this was always the true test...in the end, We found the perfect clay and began sharing it with our family and friends.

After a while, they said they wanted more and more so we began to sell it to them...and after a few time this clay have achieved some popularity in online market places. We have happy costumers in more than 80 countries, and suddenly is already healing and pampering skins all over the world.
Free shipping is offered to most of worldwide destinations and is that simple as that.

Since then I've learned the best way to keep clay fresh over time (always use paper bags or glass jars to store it and wooden or glass utensils to handle it).
Never use metal (as this will interfere with clay natural properties).
Just avoid suppliers that pack the clay in aluminium foiled zip bags, clay will lose most of their properties and become inefficient.

I also have family members who have digestive problems, and again clay was the answer.

A small amount of green clay or white clay used internally has helped them a lot for IBS and other stomach issues, along with having a healthy diet, practice some exercise and cutting out as many bad things going into the body, to begin with.

And our clay does so much more:

...Red clay helps with stretch marks, blemishes...

...Rhassoul is a phenomenal natural skin exfoliator and leaves your hair soft and moisturised...

...Pink clay protects and nourishes mature and sensitive skin...or just can be used as a natural blush...

..White Kaolin It's great when you need a deep clean on your teeth or a purifying skin mask...

....oh and when the kids get an insect sting or playing with nettles - can't get the stinger out. Dead Sea Clay can!

Thank you for your time  :) Enjoy it.