Our Story

Our story is unique and incredibly simple.
Friends of the environment forever, we are Marta, Maria Rita, and Alex.
A family that as it grew up, realized it needed a lot of energy to conceive all the tasks and maintain daily well-being.
This is a pain common to most families in this artificial and highly mechanized world we live in.

We realized then, that we needed to change the way we live our daily lives and our lives in general.
Curious to the core, sports fans, healthy habits, and natural sciences. After extensive curation of many ancient methods related to health and wellness, we now search endlessly for new scientific discoveries that support the principles of using these products with natural processes.
We are extremely willing to learn and help others about this amazing place that is our planet Earth and all the products it naturally provides.
We found this strength and energy precisely in our nature.

We decided to consolidate our lifestyle and create this brand, based on the principles of 100% naturalness, organic and non-GMO products, produced in a bio and humanly sustainable way, without the use of chemicals. Preferably, Portuguese or small producers from other parts of the world that are also aligned with our values.

Without industrial manufacturing processes associated with our products, only made by producers/artisans, in a manual or artisan way, respecting the good manufacturing and production practices, or simply natural, collected from our planet Earth, just like in its origin.
Introducing FoundinBio, the brand that brings together products of excellence.
It has improved our way, of life with more joy, security, and self-esteem.
We hope we can help you too.
It's natural that you like it!