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Dead Sea Mud Benefits and Properties

Gentle but seriously effective, mineral-rich Dead Sea mud has become a skincare and medicinal superhero. But what exactly makes it a cult ingredient, even after thousands of years?

The Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra visited the Dead Sea for its healing powers. Today, millions of people go to the Dead Sea every year to soak in its healing waters and fully engage in this therapeutic mud. Dead Sea mud is uniquely composed of high concentrations of nutritious minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromide, zinc, and iron. Layers of mud deposits have been washed from the surrounding mountains to the shores of the Dead Sea over thousands of years, forming rich black mud.

The Dead Sea, at 0.4 km below sea level, is known as the lowest surface on the planet and is located in Israel and Jordan, about 24 km east of Jerusalem. Long known as a place of healing, ancient peoples have turned to the Dead Sea for relief from various ailments and injuries, and it has powerful cosmetic benefits.

Dead Sea clay is so beneficial because of the high concentration of minerals readily absorbed by the skin. These include calcium, magnesium, bromide, potassium, and sulfate. Calcium refreshes the skin by maintaining a solid barrier to retain moisture, and sodium helps rejuvenate the appearance of young, healthy skin. Magnesium protects, and sulfur helps detoxify the skin from impurities. On the other hand, potassium helps balance, and bromide restores the skin's appearance.

Deep pore cleansing with dead sea clay

Dead Sea Clay Cosmetic Benefits

Not all clays and facial masks have the same effects, and of course, the benefits of the Dead Sea mud mask are impressive. The mineral-rich mud is known for its cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and brightening properties. It is easily one of the best substances we can apply to the skin. Not even powerful antioxidant serums or salicylic acid exfoliants rival this all-in-one superhero, which purifies pores and exfoliates the skin in minutes!

Suitable for all skin types.

One of the reasons dead sea mud has been used in beauty products for centuries because it is an excellent multitasking ingredient for all skin types.

A clearer complexion and refined pores

One of the typical side effects of contemporary life is skin congestion. Dead Sea mud is known for removing toxins and deep-rooted impurities from the skin. As the mud dries on the skin, it absorbs toxins, dirt, dead cells, and excess oil. When we remove the dead sea mud, the impurities are eliminated, revealing a clearer, detoxified complexion and considerably reducing pores with each application.

Reduces Oiliness

Indispensable for oily or combination skin, Dead Sea mud contains sulfur that cleanses the skin and absorbs excess oil, which symbiotically works with zinc(1) to keep the skin mattified and non-greasy throughout the day, helping to keep extra oil under control and ensure a glowing skin q.b.

Reduces acne and future breakouts

Clogged pores are one of the leading causes of breakouts - dead skin cells, sebum (oil), and bacteria get trapped in the pores, causing swelling, redness, and inflammation. Dead Sea mud profoundly purifies pores, helping to prevent blockages that cause blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. The high concentration of minerals such as sulfur also gives it antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory power, helping to soothe the skin, reducing the appearance of redness, and quickly banishing existing rashes.

Natural moisturizer

 Dead Sea mud is a more moisturizing alternative to other popular clay masks. The minerals found in the Dead Sea help to instantly boost moisture levels and soothe dry skin, helping it to become soft and deeply hydrated. To make the most of dead sea clay moisturizing power, apply organic, soothing moisturizers with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera after the face mask to seal in the natural hydration provided by the Dead Sea mud.

Reduces skin impurities

An additional benefit of Dead Sea mud is that its salt and magnesium can improve the skin's natural barrier(2), making it more elastic and favorable for those with dry and atopic skin.

How to have a clear skin

Youthful-looking skin

To add to the already impressive list of Dead Sea mud mask benefits, using Dead Sea mud increases skin elasticity and helps minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. In addition, mineral-rich Dead Sea mud masks feed the skin with silica, increasing cell renewal and collagen production. Calcium replenishes cells and ensures a healthy epithelial barrier.

Reduces dandruff and moisturizes the scalp

Its cleansing properties and antimicrobial actions reduce dandruff, itchy scalp, and dry roots. Furthermore, it locks moisture inside and reduces excess oil production on the scalp.

It improves blood circulation in the roots and strengthens hair, increasing the growth and number of hair follicles. In addition, it opens the scalp pores that are minimized with age and clogged by dirt, product buildup, and pollution.

Therapeutic Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

Besides the cosmetic benefits of Dead Sea mud listed above, the therapeutic benefits for which this miracle mud is famous are numerous, from relieving pain and muscle tension to reducing stress and anxiety.

Improves psoriasis

Dead Sea mud can be applied as a compress for psoriasis flares. Researchers have established that the high concentrations of salt and other chemical compounds in the mud can effectively treat psoriasis (3). Using Dead Sea mud as a mud compress on areas where psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis is found can decrease symptoms and relieve pain caused by inflammation.

Provides relief for arthritis

In a 1992 study(4), heated dead sea mud compresses were applied to the extremities of people with arthritis for 20 minutes, once a day, for two weeks. A dramatic decrease in arthritis symptoms that lasted up to three months proved the therapeutic benefits of this mud. People with inflammatory arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or psoriatic arthritis are more likely to experience this benefit.

It helps relieve chronic back pain.

Data from a 2014 study(5) indicated that a Dead Sea mud compress applied five times a week for three consecutive weeks significantly improved symptoms in people with chronic low back pain.

Get rid of blackheads with dead sea mud

Dead Sea Mud Powder How to Use?

Dead Sea Mineral Mud uses range from medicinal to cosmetic use, where mud baths, cleansing face and body masks, poultices, anti-dandruff shampoos, and hair masks, as well as treatments for oily and acne-prone skin, are the most common.

But it is also used in body deodorants, hand and body lotions, mineral peels, cosmetics, body butter, eye creams, soaps, scrubs, collagen firming creams, whitening creams, lotions, and sunscreens.

  • Dead Sea Mud can be applied directly to the face or body after the skin has been gently cleansed to remove makeup, oil, dirt, and sweat. 
  • Washing the face before the application will open the pores, allowing the mud to penetrate deeply into the skin. Alternatively, the pores can be opened using a cloth soaked in warm water, wrung out, and placed on the face for 30 to 60 seconds. 
  • Dead Sea Mud can be applied evenly to the face with the fingertips or a brush, using gentle movements and avoiding the eye area. A few drops of carrier oil can be applied gently around the eyes to prevent the mud from crossing this moisturizing and nourishing barrier to ensure its protection. 
  • A thick mask will prevent it from drying out, soothing the skin and effectively eliminating impurities. The mask should be left on until it is almost dry. 
  • Place a warm towel soaked and wrung on the face or with cold water to remove the mask for oilier skin. Allow the mask to soften until it can be rinsed with water without rubbing.
  • Moisturize your skin with your moisturizer of choice, and smile!

There are many ways to reap the benefits of the minerals in Dead Sea mud, whether treating your skin with a face mask or relaxing in a bath with mineral salts and Dead Sea mud. If you are unfamiliar with this mud and its benefits, we invite you to try our Dead Sea Mud powder here.


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