Handling Clay - How To.

uses of clay - best practices - wooden clay


Follow these simple rules and tips to keep your clay clean, effective, and active:

  • Always use a clean utensil when scooping the clay out of the container.
  • Caution should be exercised as clay may stain fabric.
  • Store away from extreme heat and direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of close proximity to chemicals and strong odors.
  • Clay will increase oxygenation and blood circulation to the skin*.

(*This can sometimes create redness and feel a bit itchy, this is normal and is not harmful).

If you are experiencing an active outbreak of rosácea or any form of heightened sensitivity or burn, wait until the area has calmed before treating with clay.


  • Clay must be kept dry.
  • Never accept natural clay packed in any kind of  aluminum/metallic bags.
  • It should never be mixed with metal spoons or stored in metal containers.
  • The materials that should be used for preparation are plastic - silicone, but preferentially, wooden spoons or glass - ceramic stirrers, bowls.
  • For storage can use plastic , but again, is recommendable, paper or glass ceramic containers.

It is thought that the clay loses its beneficial qualities through contact with metal.

Enjoy it :)