Nigari or Magnesium Chloride Benefits

Nigari, or Natural Magnesium Chloride, contains many trace elements found naturally in seawater but consists mainly of magnesium chloride. The high concentration of magnesium chloride gives nigari (the Japanese word for bitter) a strong bitter taste.

Nigari is the traditional Japanese ingredient used to coagulate soy milk to make 'tofu.' Nigari is said to make a 'tofu' that tends to be a little softer and smoother in texture than any other coagulant.

To use Nigari to coagulate 'tofu,' dissolve two teaspoons of nigari in about half a cup of hot water and stir gently but quickly into 2 liters of hot soy milk. Let it solidify and rest for 15 minutes before transferring the preparation to the 'tofu' mold.

In addition to making 'tofu,' magnesium chloride is used to relieve muscle and joint pain, replenish magnesium levels, boost the immune system, increase brain function, strengthen bones, treat migraines, and improve cardiovascular health.

Magnesium also contributes to the production of neurotransmitters such as melatonin, which is responsible for sleep cycles and is indicated for those who have insomnia, promoting physical and mental relaxation.