SEA SILT Benefits

Marine green clay: SEA SILT, also known as sea mud, is a sediment present in the ocean floor and is considered very valuable for being one of the purest natural products on the planet.

Sea Silt is commonly used in soaps, creams, deodorants, body wraps, peels and scrubs, shampoos, face masks, and hair masks.

Properties of green marine clay on the face:

Eliminates dead skin and performs deep cleansing leaving the skin free of toxins and oxygenated, thus activating cell renewal for more toned and hydrated skin.

Balances the skin's pH and restores the natural flora, creating a protective barrier that neutralizes aggressive agents and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. It is also an excellent antiseborrheic that eliminates impurities that clog pores, so it is ideal for oily skin. It also helps fight acne and rosacea.

The high value of trace elements and minerals in green marine clay has a rejuvenating effect on the skin because it favors the disappearance of wrinkles and expression lines, providing the skin with elasticity, vitality, firmness, and softness. 

Green marine clay is also used for body treatments for the following reasons:

  • Treats cellulite and flabbiness, as it activates lymphatic and venous circulation and helps restore collagen and elastin fibers (magnesium, zinc, and copper).
  • Physical and mental relaxation. It has anti-stress and relaxing properties, helping relieve physical and psychological stress.
  • It is curative. Helps to heal wounds, ulcers, bites, and burns.
  • It deflates and soothes. It is ideal for muscle problems, contractures, and muscular pains.
  • It is emollient. It has a gentle exfoliating and moisturizing action that helps remove hardened skin on heels, elbows, and other calluses.