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Dead Sea Mud Clay Powder

Dead Sea Mud Clay Powder

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Dead Sea Clay

A Deep Cleansing Mud that Stops Blackheads & Breakouts.

  • Clay from Israel.
  •  100% purified and sun-dried, contains no additives, and is of superior quality. 
  • Recommended for oily and/or acne-prone skin.
  • It's a deep-cleansing clay that eliminates blackheads and pimples.
  • Purifies the skin and helps unclog pores for flawless skin, and preventing premature aging.
  • It has proven therapeutic and medicinal properties in treating fibromyalgia, relieving and improving psoriasis and eczema, and reducing joint and muscle pain.
  • External use.


INCI: SILT - Dead Sea Clay


Appearance: Powder
Color: Greenish-Gray
Origin: Israel


Dead Sea Clay is a deep cleansing mud that wipes blackheads and pimples. Get rid of imperfections with the proven therapeutic properties of dead sea mud. It purifies and unclogs pores for flawless skin, preventing premature aging.

Dead sea clay is found in one of Israel's only bodies of water. It acts like a magnet attracting deep impurities such as dirt, sebum, and pollution.

Located in the middle of the desert between Palestine, Israel, and Jordan, the largest natural bathhouse on the planet has a high concentration of mineral salts (21 in total, 12 of which are unique to its waters) capable of regenerating, rejuvenating, and increasing skin hydration levels simultaneously.

Dead Sea Clay helps to unclog pores, remove toxins and dead skin cells, and provide gentle exfoliation, thereby helping to eliminate acne, shine, and oil and revitalize tired and aging skin.

Dead Sea Clay Common Uses 

Dead sea clay is commonly used in skincare in the form of facial masks. Scientific studies prove its medicinal value in treating fibromyalgia, relieving and improving psoriasis and eczema, and reducing joint and muscle pain.

Its use is similar to other living clays, such as bentonite and kaolin. It can be added to soaps, cold-pressed or hot-processed, and bath bombs as a natural colorant.


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Dead Sea Mud Clay purifies pores for flawless skin, preventing premature aging.


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